Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hurt, Varian Krylov

BLURB---Willful Vanka thinks she is dying. Galen, a famous actor, feels his life has become a superficial mirage. And beautiful Khalid can only love people who hurt him. When these three find themselves caught up in each others' lives, will their risky games of domination and submission destroy them? Or will they find solace from a lifetime of hurt?

A fantastic emotional journey, this book was incredibly difficult to read. But it is one of those books that I truly feel everybody should read.

Vanka, a woman diagnosed with breast cancer meets Galen a jaded movie star. Things are going well between them as a pair and the relationship soon evolves to include Galen’s part time lover Khalid. The book is an exploration of how events and emotions can affect the dynamic of a relationship and the growth the characters experience as a result.

It is a very intimate snapshot and as a reader you are aware that life is continuing on around the three but we are purely focused on this relationship. The more I write reviews the more I don’t like talking about plot, the enjoyment in books such as this lies in going on the journey as blind as our characters. 

This is probably Krylov’s most accessible work even so it won’t reach a wide audience which is a shame as many people would fall in love with this book. The sex is used not primarily for sexual gratification but as a tool for the characters to deal with other issues within their lives. It’s a physical manifestation of hidden emotions like guilt or fear.

I don’t think you can simply read this book. It is not light reading- you kind of have to give yourself emotionally. There is not much action at all if I'm honest this book is complete and utter raw emotion. Unless you are willing to immerse yourself in the characters and go with them and their thought processes you can get lost.

Watching Vanka struggle with her femininity and self-worth was heart-breaking, Watching Galen’s journey was stunning- the Galen from the beginning of the book is almost unrecognizable at the end. Poor Khalid, I don’t even know what to say about him other than I loved him and felt for him. I would like more Khalid, he is an enigma and I would like to find out everything about him.

The whole book is relentlessly emotional. By far the most tender, raw thing I have ever read. If you are in the mood for something beautiful, difficult, tragic and sweet this is that book

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