Sunday, March 3, 2013

Crow's Row, Julie Hockley

For college student Emily Sheppard, the thought of spending a summer alone in New York is much more preferable than spending it in France with her parents. Just completing her freshman year at Callister University, Emily faces a quiet summer in the city slums, supporting herself by working at the campus library. During one of her jogs through the nearby cemetery while visiting her brother Bill's grave, Emily witnesses a brutal killing-and then she blacks out. When Emily regains consciousness, she realizes she's been kidnapped by a young crime boss and his gang. She is hurled into a secret underworld, wondering why she is still alive and for how long.

Held captive in rural Vermont, she tries to make sense of her situation and what it means. While uncovering secrets about her brother and his untimely death, Emily falls in love with her very rich and very dangerous captor, twenty-six year- old Cameron. She understands it's a forbidden love and one that won't allow her to return to her previous life. But love may not be enough to save Emily when no one even knows she is missing.

I tried to read the book again because I thought maybe I was being too harsh but I'm actually adding to my rant instead.....

DNF at 25% Spoilers and big rant ahead! You have been warned! Also I know 25% is early to give up but if the whole relationship made no sense to me there was no point investing any more time in it. I would go as far to say I'm actually angry at it. 

Emily, what the hell is wrong with you? Really Emily.....come onnnn so some guys dog attacks you and your cassette player breaks and the guy is mad with you because you "don't belong there". A dog who we later learn jumps to the guy's every command so really he had the power to stop his dog he just chose not to. He should have just shouted! The dog does everything he says!

Despite this he buys you an ipod for gods sake, which makes zero sense because he told you not to go back......but he bought you something and waited for you? What? Don't be Stuuuupid 

From then on you are inexplicably obsessed with him. EVEN WHEN HE KIDNAPS YOU AFTER YOU WATCHED HIM KILL SOMEBODY this is the only interaction so far, in fact you learn the tiny detail of HIS NAME during the murder! Yet when he has stolen you, you still converse with him like he is somewhat fear or anything. You are an idiot.

*edit....I tried again and thought maybe she does become scared of him. BUT NO SHE SAYS SHE HAS TO ADMIT HE IS CUTE FOR A KIDNAPPER. CUTE FOR A KIDNAPPER?!!??! For fucks sake! What is wrong with you girl? OH MY GOD. .....all doubts I had about if I was being unfair vanished when I read that sentence. I swear I nearly threw my tablet. She is hurt and for some reason is trying to keep her pride in check.....I don't even.?! Why!?

Cameron, WTF man? you're like a crime lord or something acting like a kid. Liking Emily for no reason. Pssshhhht Shut up. So Fucking Stupid.

hate hate hate when a book has two characters connect FOR NO REASON. Im all for an intense unexplainable connection and stuff but really, witnessing the object of my affections murder someone then kidnap me. Yeah it's dead in the water then.

If you can write a book so well PAY ATTENTION TO LOGIC. They don't interact AT ALL and she's already obsessed with him.
Even if Emily didn't like Cameron at all and only started to fall for him over time that would have made it so much better!
And damn it.....I'm twisted - I love all of this kidnapping stuff. I was so let down!

So I know what will happen.......they will fall in love against all odds and.....blahhhh. I know there is a cliff hanger so something unexpected happens but I just.don'

The rest of the book could be the greatest thing ever written but like I said I JUST.DON'T.CARE

Stupiiiiiid booooook pissed me off good and proper.

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