Sunday, March 3, 2013

Heat, R Lee Smith

BLURB---Earth. A world quarantined since its discovery by the Far-Reachers of Jota's history. And where the fortunes of slavers and chemists have been made ever since.

It was to Earth that Kanetus E'Var, the son of Jota's most ruthless slaver, escaped to make Vahst, a powerful drug manufactured from the human brain. And it was to Earth that Tagen Pahnee, Fourth-ranking officer of the Jotan Off-World Security Fleet, was sent to bring the criminal back to justice. Neither of them could have anticipated that at that moment, E'Var's hunting grounds were experiencing the worst heat wave in years, triggering the Jotan breeding cycle in both males.

Home is not an option for either of them. Both are determined to find a way to work on this hostile planet, surrounded by humans, surrounded by dangers, surrounded by Heat.

Pfffft, what the hell did I just read?

This book will only appeal to my fellow dark book lovers. Think pitch black to be honest. There's rape, murder, more rape, more murder. Graphic graphic graphic.

Kane is the most muddied character I have come across. I hated him then I liked him then I hated him again............ and then I loved him again.

I just......still don't know. He was awful, truly awful but I still can't bring myself to hate him for long, I think because we got Kane's POV at the beginning I knew he wasn't aware of how awful he is. Scratch that- he's completely aware but so unapologetic. But can you blame him? He was dealing with humans, they're nothing to him or his planet.........why should he have empathy? Still a dick though. Oh I just don't know 
You could come at it from all angles, so I won't bother with my theories but against my better judgment I like him. and as I find myself saying many times in my reviews......Don't judge me

Daria I love you, you need a cuddle. Raven I love too, in full blown survival mode. 
Tagen was a beautiful man! Oh I just think he's amazing, such a caveman/alien out of touch with his emotions but damn he tries. He's a dude.
Sue-eye just made me nervous. I really didn't like her but I pitied her and when she came into the story it really unnerved me.

I need to point out though it is very long it dragged and dragged alot It could have been cut down but I urge you to stick with it, it took me to a good 40% to really like it and a good 70% to love it and the last 80% I was dying.....just impending doom all this darkness spiraling. I actually didn't know where it was going to end and I had no ideal scenario but daaaaamn it was the best ride ever.
It's so rich full of social commentary, little funny quirks that tickled me too. From the perspective of an alien looking at human ways, you can see the weirdness in us.

If your considering it but are put off by the sci-fi thing, it really worked for me I haven't read anything alien-y before but I loved it. The aliens look like men except for the hands and feet so don't think their unlike your usual super beautiful alpha males.

One of my faves now. A long and thorough novel that is equally story and character driven, where every action is explored giving some of the richest characters I have read. I would urge you to read it


  1. Another great review. I too thought parts of this book dragged. Like Tagen sitting around watching Law and Order. If it weren't for Daria, I doubt he would've found Kane.

    Love your reviews.

  2. Thanks again! Oh yeah I agree about Tagen/Daria and it was so long I found myself loving it more once I had finished it and wasn't frustrated with it anymore. One of my favourites though