Sunday, March 3, 2013

Comfort Food, Kitty Thomas

BLURB----Emily Vargas has been taken captive. As part of his conditioning methods, her captor refuses to speak to her, knowing how much she craves human contact. He's far too beautiful to be a monster. Combined with his lack of violence toward her, this has her walking a fine line at the edge of sanity. Told in the first person from Emily's perspective, Comfort Food explores what happens when all expectations of pleasure and pain are turned upside down, as whips become comfort and chicken soup becomes punishment.

When I read this I had not read many books at all. So when I read the description that this book was dark I could not comprehend just how bad it can get.

It's only now with hindsight I realise just how fantastic this book is. I have this fierce loyalty to Kitty Thomas.....she was one of the first authors who i thought "YES!! She understands what I want!"

Kitty's writing does not shy away from anything, nothing is left because it is too difficult to read about. I feel Kitty's heroines struggle more than many others I read about. I imagine her books are exhausting to write and she must give herself completely. 

Comfort food is about Stockholm Syndrome. You don't need to know anymore. It's done in a beautiful way....the manipulation....the reward/consequence nature of the relationship. The slow disintegration of Emily's independence. I just love it. 

People continually go on about wanting a sequel. I truly believe this is not necessary, in fact it could potentially ruin this book. This book is about the psychological struggle of Emily goes through....a second book could only detail what? More of that? Their story is complete, and what a brutal intense book it was.


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