Friday, March 15, 2013

Broken Megan Hart


 *This is the link to paperback as it is no longer available to kindle

BLURB---Sadie and Adam are having troubles in their relationship. Adam is a quadriplegic due to an accident years ago. Sadie has a friend Joe who reveals  explicit details of his latest conquests. As time goes by Sadie become more and more infatuated with Joe and begins to look at her life with a new perspective. 

I never cry when reading books....I just don't, I get sad and emotional but I have never been pushed to tears. That was until this bloody book. Dear God, I was heart-broken for Sadie and Adam. 

Quick basic plot line- Adam and Sadie are married, Adam had an accident leaving him a quadriplegic. The book details the effects of this on their relationship and them as people. There is obviously more to it than this, but I don't feel the blurb given hints at the depths in this book, don't get me wrong the sex is awesome but this is not just some porny smut book. In fact in my opinion the sex scenes could be described as undermining a very serious emotional book. I think the only reason they didn't negatively affect my rating is because they are so far removed from Sadie and Adam's story.

Adam's emotions are so raw and real that you couldn't not be devastated for him. feel so much for Sadie, I was angered by her even though I kind of understood why she did the things she did. It still stunk of self pity. But then I'm still conflicted, what would I do? What would you do? I don't know what I think of her truth be told. 

This book exhausted me, things happened that I didn't want to happen. But then that's life I suppose.....shit happens. I was not expecting this from the blurb. At all, it came out of nowhere and hit me like a truck. 

I loved it

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