Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wanderlust, Skye Warren

BLURB----Evie always dreamed of seeing the world, but her first night at a motel turns into a nightmare. Hunter is a rugged trucker willing to do anything to keep her—including kidnapping. As they cross the country in his rig, Evie plots her escape, but she may find what she's been looking for right beside her.

Wanderlust is a dark erotic novel which explores dubious consent, captivity, and power play. Please do not read this if you're uncomfortable with the subject matter or under 18 years of age

Not what I expected at all!!

I expected your average non-con "I've been kidnapped but I like it!!" And that's about it. But there was soooooo much more to it. In fact it's not like that at all, I loved the writing style too, that poetic beautiful style. It was completely different to what I thought, the blurb made me think it would be a good but y'know expected kidnapping read. NOOOOO so good!!!!

Evie is a very sheltered naive girl who after being abused as a child is over-protected by her mother. Her mother feels guilty as the abuser was a boyfriend of hers, so this helps explain her over-bearing behaviour. She taught Evie that all men were monsters and something bad will happen to her is she ever leaves but she eventually does leave and her mothers fears quickly become true, repeatedly actually.

Hunter- huh, I like him! I get him too, I hugely disagree with him but I get the bitterness inside him. Hunter has a story but I won't spoil it for you.

One thing I loved about this book is it's probably the first time I've ever believed someone would react this way. Evie has no prior knowledge of men and relationships. So I suppose this eagerness to be wanted was believable. If you accept things will move quickly purely because it's not a long book, it is paced brilliantly. 

I LOVED THAT SHE KEPT TRYING TO ESCAPE!!! Oh my god, finally! Someone who feels torn because she doesn't hate the guy but is aware enough to know it's purely self-preservation to accept and find the small graces and realize are not actually a good enough thing to stay with him hoping to find love. 

She also doesn't love pain! I loved that too! How annoying is that when you read a book and the woman goes ooooooh this is what was missing from my life! A bossy man who ties me up! Now I'm complete!! Hunter isn't about pain or dominance either which was again refreshing. Now we have a complex guy who has actual reasons for the things he does and has real feelings that make sense. No BDSM here people just pure psychological disturbances.

This book really truly surprised me in that it was all a mind melt, I loved these characters. So much more psychological than expected.

This is about Evie and Hunter. Both broken but fixing each other, I can't believe I'm finding it cute but I am. Hunter is awful in the beginning but he does grow and become a wonderful man. To my twisted brain anyway, haha. 

I would say this was dark and disturbing.....and it kind of was but for me, when it counts, it's a seriously sweet emotional book. I really truly wasn't expecting a book like this. Maybe other people will find it darker than me I may just be the odd one out. 

If you're in the mood for a dark romance that has surprising amounts of depth that is written very well, try this one!!!

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