Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Devil's Pawn, Elizabeth Finn

BLURB----A common enemy. A secret untold. One dark and handsome man determined to despises. One inexperienced, innocent, shy woman swept into a life she cannot control. Both pawns in a torturous game that will bind them together or tear them apart . . . forever.

When Ashton is left orphaned after her parents are murdered, her life becomes a hell she could never have imagined. Left to fend for herself, and responsible for a debt she doesn’t owe, she is swept into a life as a gentleman’s escort at a private men’s gaming hall. Her new manager makes it abundantly clear he doesn’t appreciate her inexperience, innocence, and shyness. On the contrary, he despises everything about her.

Derek can be “difficult,” she’s been told. And however dark and handsome he may be, he terrifies her in a way that chills her to the bone, but leaves her begging to understand him. As they are pulled along together, more secrets and threats than either one could ever conceive are revealed, and a common enemy emerges. This enemy will stop at nothing to bring Derek to his knees while using Ashton as the greatest pawn in his torturous game. 

Will Derek be able to let down his shield of cold, harsh emotion before it’s too late? Will he be able to sacrifice himself to save Ashton, or will they both be destroyed by the secrets of their pasts?

I'm coming back to this review now I've calmed down.
This book could have been really good. The writing is great, I liked the characters and the whole premise was good. 

But to have such a deep emotional twisted book the desired effect can not be achieved in 180 pages.
I'm frustrated with it. I just couldn't connect with it as much as I knew I would of had it not been so short.

It was worthy of so much more story and I needed more answers instead of wishy washy rushed paragraphs explaining the driving force behind the whole book.

I don't even want to criticize it as it is a well written book, very well written in fact. 
But it could have had at least 100 more pages. Specifically to do with Derek. I didn't know enough about him....anything actually except he was cold and distant but fell in love with Ash for, like, no reason?!!? I don't get it!

Also all the bad guys and their reasons for....well....everything. Needed more info on that. A lot more, there were two sets of bad guys, I think. I don't know why they existed or why they did stuff. Pffffft no I thought I could redo this review and be calmed down but I'm not!

I think Ash's character is very well put together. Derek......I really liked him but because it is so short we don't really get any sufficient answer as to why he is the way he is. I mean..... its addressed......but hmmmph

I think the only way to explain my frustration is to say this book is too good for me to overlook its faults. Yes that's it.....because it's not bad as such it's just hollow

In fact if the writing had not been so good it probably would have had a extra star but because the writing took me that bit deeper I expected more than I was given. The thinness of it all left me hanging. So I can't call it a guity pleasure or a fun read because it was deep, just unexplained.

They just fell in love! Like instantly. 

URGHHHH gutted

Although, I will still read other stuff by the author because as I have said far too many times- it is written brilliantly and the potential was great.
I so don't want to write my review like this I just can't say any different

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